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What to wear with leggings?

15 - 1So all of us must confess of having few pairs of hot leggings in our wardrobe. Whether we wear them or not doesn’t matter but we all have them. Leggings and its counterpart jeggings took the fashion world by storm and all of us bought into the trend quite happily. But the pleasure of owning one didn’t always transform into wearing it too. Both leggings and jeggings are a bit tricky to style which leaves us wondering what to wear with them. Moreover, the recent popularity of jeggings have made them a must have wardrobe staple which only adds to our confusion. Well, don’t bother. To your delight your confusion stops here. Browse through the following tips and tricks and dive into the leggings/jeggings trend NOW!

  1. Button down

Wonder if you can wear your classic button down outside of office? Well, yes, you can. Get your classic button down in slightly bigger size and pair it with leggings. Add an oversized blazer to it to complement the look. When pairing your button down with jeggings try to go for dark colours and contrast your shirts with your bottom. A white or pastel coloured shirt will look good with black leggings.

  1. Tunic

A tunic as it goes is a loose fitting garment slightly reaching the knees. If you are worried about putting unnecessary focus on your thighs and butt area, don’t bother! Just grab a tunic in exciting colour and print and wear it over your jeggings. This is the best way to embrace the leggings trend without going overboard.

  1. Dresses

You can also wear hot leggings with dresses. This look is great for transitioning weather as it will keep you warm, cosy and stylish. This look is also great for days when you haven’t shaved your legs as you can just hide them by slipping into cool & comfortable leggings while still enjoying the hot and sexy feel of your stylish dresses.

  1. Boots

Although choosing a pair of shoes is not that difficult when pairing it with jeggings as almost all types of footwear look good with them. Still, when teamed with ankle boots, motorcycle boots or knee high boots, it will instantly transform your look.

  1. Layers

If you are in love with hot leggings, then you must also learn to layer. Your pair of jeggings will ultimately become your go to piece once you know how to layer them right. Try wearing a patterned sweater or top over your button-ups and layer it with an oversized jacket or blazer. Experiment with different types of leggings such as lycra leggings, leather leggings, printed leggings etc. This look is great for fall.

  1. Oversized tees

A long T-shirt in vibrant prints and colours when paired with a stylish pair ofhot leggingsmakes for a fun and chic casual look. You can also try wearing solid coloured tees with dark coloured jeggings for a relaxed and cool vibe. White tees look best when paired with black leggings. However, you can also experiment with printed leggings.