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Tattoo artist’s Coveted Celebrity Los Angeles Hollywood

Screen-Shot-2014-02-04-at-8.34.11-PM-300x200Brian Woo or Dr.Woo famous among Hollywood celebrities. His name became the target celebrity to create a unique tattoo geometric shape. Drake, Ellie Goulding, and Cara Delevingne Dr.Woo waiting list. Anyone who wants to be tattooed by him have to queue for six months. All among either young or old have fallen in love with a complicated trademark style, single-piece needle, detail, and full points. Throughout his career up to now, his Instagram account has 454 followers. Reporting from its website on Thursday (04/23/2015), Dr.Woo start making a tattoo when she was stepping 14 years. He and his friends experimented with many styles. “I have always thought and have different ideas than others. But I do not want to rush,” he said. Later, he worked as a fashion buyer and designer before apprenticing in Hollywood tattoo studio. At that time, his name became the most popular. “One of the most popular image is a tattoo of a wolf. I use my signature circle and line to create an image,” said Dr.Woo.