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Fashion on a Budget

When it comes to fashion, we all want to look our best. There’s something empowering about knowing you look great out and about, as well as simply around the house. And, that’s only natural, as when we look our best, we’re perceived better by others. Therefore, it’s worth it to make a concerted effort to look great all the time to maximize confidence and social graces. However, fashion can be an expensive hobby or passion. Therefore, it is prudent to find a way to make your passion for fashion more affordable. Here are a few ways to do just that.

First and foremost, try shopping in thrift stores. This has a stigma attached to it, but, let me tell you, that stigma is the result of elitism, because there is not only nothing wrong with the items in a thrift store, but there are also often some truly marvelous pieces on offer at a big discount. Thrift stores are the backbone of today’s vintage clothing scene for a reason, just like there’s a reason Macklemore wrote a song about thrift stores. This is both a way to save money and a way to find some more unique items that will look great and set you apart from the crowd.

Another way to bankroll your addiction to glamour is to simply be more responsible with money. Which means, first of all, saving money. In addition to a checking account, and a savings account, try keeping a separate bank account, or you could use PayPal, like I do, for your fashion fund. Deduct a small amount of each paycheck so that you will eventually have a healthy fund at your disposal. Also, when it comes tax time, be sure to file early to make good on the promise of a tax return to contribute this fund. For help with your taxes, try some Intuit software to make life a little easier.