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Falling in Love in Batik, 2 Designers Australia Recommend They work to Indonesia

purple_orange_cherry blossomsJakarta – Aspiring to Rambah Asian markets, Australian designer Amanda Cumming and Kate Reynolds tried to introduce their work to the Indonesian fashion stage. Both want to collaborate with the country’s traditional craftsmen.The design of the work of Amanda and Kate are ready-made clothes or ‘ready to wear’ nuanced ‘sporty’. Call it the jackets, shirts, sweaters, pants, overalls women, to accessories, the duo work under the auspices of the label ‘Pageant’ is made in a neutral color, such as black and white, as well as soft, pink, gray, and beige . The two designers prefer to call them themed casual work. Fourteen men’s and women’s collections they created just exhibited in the arena ‘Indonesia Fashion Week’ which took place in late February to early March. “We are very pleased to exist in this show, this event is a great opportunity to introduce our work, and to see the work of Indonesian designers,” said the Australian Kate Plus.

Both feel welcome Indonesian fashion lovers because they feel the fashion world has no limits. “Although the materials we use unusual and different textures of clothes mostly, I think fashion has no boundaries, and in this world, fashion designers from around the world can gather together,” Amanda prominent. Before coming to Indonesia, they have to know the various fashion shows in Asia, but only this time they know their great fashion week in Indonesia. Amanda and Kate admired designer Indonesia and fell in love with batik. “We think it is very beautiful batik cloth, especially if coupled beads, well done. We really like to work hand in making it, is amazing, “said both compact.

Not only that, they also have a designer Indonesian-favorite. “We like to work Haryono Setiadi, Indonesian designer who lives in Australia. ; He is now one of the well-known designers there. He made evening dress with nice embroidery, “said Kate. For both, Indonesia is a promising fashion market. “After talking with a few people here, I think the Indonesian people are very interested in fashion, design, and there are many opportunities for Australian designers to introduce their work here,” I’m Kate. This long-haired designer adds, Indonesian people always love new trends, new technologies and new designs. “We can feel good energy here, so we think this is a good start,” he said. Going forward, Amanda and Kate wants to collaborate with Indonesian craftsmen.

“We have no plans to collaborate with Indonesian designer but that could happen, because we love beautiful materials, we really want to collaborate with traditional craftsmen from here,” asked Amanda. Arrival both to the Indonesian fashion stage possible thanks to the invitation of the magazine ‘Marie Claire Indonesia & rsquo. “Their design is fairly representative of luxury fashion, strong silhouette, in which case they are also quite dynamic design and fit with the international market, both in Asia, Europe or America,” said Rory Kiky of Marie Claire. He then told, the beginning of the election of the label ‘Pageant’ belongs to Amanda and Kate are due to the proposed institute ‘Tourism Victoria & rsquo which served to expose the tourism in the state. “For in the fashion sector, they are involved in the Melbourne Fashion Festival. Amanda and Kate with the label ‘Pageant’ originated from the fashion week, “he explained briefly to Nurina Savitri from ABC.