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For Men, Here’s How True Face Barber

What you include Men who are used to shave facial hair? How do you typically shave the hairs? Or the opposite direction of hair growth? Not all men are accustomed to shave understand how to shave a mustache, beard and sideburns correctly. During this time, some people think that facial hair shave against the direction of hair growth is the correct way? Is this correct?

According to Leo Embo, Trainer MAXX Salon by Rudi Hadisuwarno, shave in the opposite direction can actually lead to injury and irritation. Therefore, how to shave like this is not recommended to be done. As described by Leo, engineering shave facial hair really is to follow the direction of hair growth. In addition it is also described by Leo that to facilitate the shaving of facial hair at the edge of the mouth area, you can shave with somewhat sideways direction.

Nobody else Male Model Naked Chest at Abercrombie & Fitch

Abercrombie & Fitch is an American retailer of fashion products which was founded by David T. Abercrombie and Ezra Fitch in 1892. One of the uniqueness of Abercrombie & Fitch is the presence of male models without wearing clothes at the top or topless on the events organized.

As reported by the on Tuesday (05/05/2015), a unique tradition of retailers that had not be found again. At the end of last month, Abercrombie & Fitch announced that it would no longer use the marketing techniques of a sexual nature. This is part of the retailer’s effort to change its image.

The image change efforts will also involve the removal of material in the photo boutiques, shopping bags, and other matters that picture topless man. The selected strategy of a sexual nature that retailers had proved not only incapable of raising the number of sales but also resulted in cases of sexual harassment suffered by the employee that label.

Pharrell Williams wants to Save the earth with Collaboration Fashion

Pharrell Williams recently believed by Woolworth, a retail clothing company in South Africa to be the director of their style. Together, they will collaborate to create environmentally friendly clothing. This collaboration is to encourage all parties to work together to lift education in South Africa. For a farm that does not pollute the planet. And to create fashion that is not only cool, but also maintained (environmentally friendly),” he said as quoted by TV3, Friday (10 / 4/2015). Meanwhile, a spokesman Woolworth stated that their partnership is a collaboration with important values. Pharrell also praised the company and refer to it as an example of how a business should be run.

4 Models Hairstyles for Round Face

Best-Men-Short-HairstylesMen’s hairstyle is always interesting to follow the development. The men who want to look cool also follow developments and apply haircut is becoming a trend. Usually, they just look at her hair alone. In fact, just look at her hair just is not right. You have to pay attention to other things, that the shape of your own face. Good hairstyle is a hairstyle that suits your face shape. Some faces, for example, longer or wider will match the hairdo different. How about a round face? Haircut like what is suitable for this face shape? Round face is marked with full cheeks and jaw round. This face shape tend to have less prominent cheekbones. It is a common face shapes bsalah only because overweight. There are many hairstyles that suit men who have a round face. To compensate for the width of the face, the hair should be added height. The side of the hair is also more suited to asymmetrical cuts. Avoid cuts straight hair on the forehead as can be seen widen face shape. Avoid too short haircut. With the right hair style, then you have a round face will not lose their cool to have a face with prominent cheekbones, which is often associated with good looks.

Ternate So the Sales Center Stone Bacan

Given the public interest high enough to agate manifold Bacan in Ternate, North Maluku, the city was used as a stone sales center Bacan. This is evidenced by the development of a number of stone sales center in various shopping centers in the city. Previously, fever agate has plagued the many people in Ambon, Maluku. Reportedly, these stones are the original stone of Bacan Island which is then used stone ring with a variety of shades. Prices stone Bacan measuring 4 x 4 cm or 5 x 3 cm Rp 100 thousand per fruit, while if it is processed and sold in the form of jewelry ring stone prices range between Rp 600 thousand – 1.2 million per piece depending on the model and color, as presented Ganny , a trader quoted stone ring AntaraNews, Friday (27/02/2015).

As for the city of Ternate itself, the Head of Industry and Trade (Industry and Trade) of Ternate, M. Arif Abdul Gani, it was concluded after a precious stone expo held in the former Governor’s Office a few that interest the consumer society to a very high Bacan stone time ago. From these conclusions, Ternate considered to have the potential to market Bacan stones and other precious stones out of the area. Following up on this potential Disperindag the city of Ternate planning to relocate a number of businesses both stone precious stone Obi and Bacan, to be placed on the third floor Kie Raha Market.

Younger brother of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Follow the trail is the brother Become Model

Has a handsome face and athletic body make the younger brother of Rosie HuntingtonWhiteley, Toby HuntingtonWhiteley finally followed the footsteps of his brother to plunge into the world of modeling. Charm man turns 24 this year managed to attract the attention of one of the famous fashion label Jacamo. Therefore, finally Jacamo hook Toby to become a model in the latest ads. Reporting from Hello Magazine Friday (06/02/2015) according to the Jacamo, Toby has a perfect body shape as a model. In addition, a long jaw and lips sexy owned exactly like her sister, Rosie made himself believed to be able to be a model of their latest products. We offer a wide selection of clothing by sizes and different models for him. The form of her perfect body makes new collection Spring / Summer 2015 our property when used by him,” said Martin Roberts, Head of Buying Jacamo.