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The Story Behind The grandeur Best Costume Miss Universe 2014

Elvira Devinamira (21) Miss Indonesia managed to bring the happy news when he competed at the prestigious Miss Universe 2014 dilangsung at Trump National Doral Miami, Florida, United States on Sunday (01/25/2015) local time. Elvira not only made it into the top 15 rankings, he also successfully won the first prize as the Best National Costume or Best National Costume. Costume design that he used for this prestigious event is actually compiled since Jember Fashion Carnaval 2014, which is the theme of Borobudur. Through the costume work of a son of the nation that none other than the founder and President of `Jember Fashion Carnaval`, Dynand Fariz, tucking a meaning. “Mas Fariz want to remind the whole community if Borobudur were never entered as the seven wonders of the world,” said one man from Jember assistant when interviewed by Liputan6.com on Monday (01/26/2015).

Now, the desire and the message Dynand Fariz has become the real thing. Costume weighing nearly 20 kilograms of successful dilenggokkan Elvira in the prestigious perlehatan actually reminded of the existence of Borobudur. Ranging from ethnic carving detail in the whole body costumes, giant triangle, up to the crown, all destined for the sake of representing the steps of the temple. Iron, steel, various types of paint, gluegun, barriers, to rock gems used to generate the texture of real rock temple so that gradation effects also arise (3D) of the temple can still be seen despite only playing in four colors, namely black, shades gray, gold, and brown.

Here lies the difficulty in making this sweeping costume. Trial and error has become a day-to-day meals. Ranging from search quality material perfect to prepare a backup in the event of damage to the costume remains impassable to get a perfect result. “This costume has disiapin of December, if the concept is already there from the beginning of last year,” said the assistant. “The idea and concept of all pure total of Mas Fariz, while the process is done in detail according to the capability of teams of about 10 people,” Continue the assistant. This costume will not radiates beauty in front of the jury and to all supporters worldwide Elvira Elvira Devinamira if not diligent and strive wholeheartedly when practicing bring costumes, costume recast framework, to berlenggok gracefully on the stage of the prestigious event.

Makeup Tips for Owners Face Square

Many women who feel insecure because it has a square face shape. Square face shape does tend to look more firm and wide. But not to worry, because with the help of makeup you can get around the square face shape thus making the appearance look more beautiful and charming. Then, what makeup tips for owners of a square face? Here’s his review: Choose a foundation with two different colors. A lighter colored and one tends to be darker. Use bright colors for your nose and forehead. As for the dark color, give it to the left side and right cheekbone. Thus, form a square face will be obscured by the foundation.

Selection of the right lipstick for the owner of a square face is a game of light colors. Pulaslah your lips with bright colored lipstick like red, pink and several other colors. Do not forget to give a touch of gloss so lips look more perfect. Square face will look more beautiful when given a touch of iridescence eyeshadow. Pulaslah your eyes with a combination of bright colors. You can also add black eyeliner and mascara that glamor is more pronounced.