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Fashion on a Budget

When it comes to fashion, we all want to look our best. There’s something empowering about knowing you look great out and about, as well as simply around the house. And, that’s only natural, as when we look our best, we’re perceived better by others. Therefore, it’s worth it to make a concerted effort to look great all the time to maximize confidence and social graces. However, fashion can be an expensive hobby or passion. Therefore, it is prudent to find a way to make your passion for fashion more affordable. Here are a few ways to do just that.

First and foremost, try shopping in thrift stores. This has a stigma attached to it, but, let me tell you, that stigma is the result of elitism, because there is not only nothing wrong with the items in a thrift store, but there are also often some truly marvelous pieces on offer at a big discount. Thrift stores are the backbone of today’s vintage clothing scene for a reason, just like there’s a reason Macklemore wrote a song about thrift stores. This is both a way to save money and a way to find some more unique items that will look great and set you apart from the crowd.

Another way to bankroll your addiction to glamour is to simply be more responsible with money. Which means, first of all, saving money. In addition to a checking account, and a savings account, try keeping a separate bank account, or you could use PayPal, like I do, for your fashion fund. Deduct a small amount of each paycheck so that you will eventually have a healthy fund at your disposal. Also, when it comes tax time, be sure to file early to make good on the promise of a tax return to contribute this fund. For help with your taxes, try some Intuit software to make life a little easier.

Treating Everyone’s Unique Style

2-2Everyone likes to show their unique style, but not every situation is made for bright colors and fitted cuts. So what do you do when you want to have fun with your style but still dress appropriately for every situation? The answer is on your feet.

Fun Socks for the Family
Socks can be a great way to have a little fun with your clothes while still staying neutral for serious and professional situations. Novelty socks are widely available and give you a fun way to express your personality, whether the socks feature your favorite color, pattern, character or design.

Not Just for Staying In

Novelty socks are not reserved for kids and cool hipsters. Anyone can pull of this look, even if you have an important meeting to attend. If you are shy about these socks, you can always use a more conservative shoe or find a sock that features your favorite character below the ankle. If you want to rock your fun socks, you can choose from a wide range of shoes that will help you have the fun, casual look you are going for.

Of course, novelty socks are also great for simply lounging around the house in your favorite tee and leggings.

Got Your Own Store? Get Some Socks
These socks are just great for buying for yourself–you can also use novelty socks as a great point of sale item in a physical or ecommerce store. These are quick add-ons that are affordable, cute and can easily be used as a gift for birthdays, holidays and other special events. At wholesale prices, you can stock a wide variety of patterns and styles to suit your customers. You can also make sure to have plenty of seasonal patterns and colors in stock for holiday celebrations throughout the year.

Whether you have your own brick and mortar store or are beginning to sell products online, you can find many wholesale novelty socks available in various colors, styles and sizes. It’s not too late to offer customers, friends and family fun, affordable socks for any season.

What to wear with leggings?

15 - 1So all of us must confess of having few pairs of hot leggings in our wardrobe. Whether we wear them or not doesn’t matter but we all have them. Leggings and its counterpart jeggings took the fashion world by storm and all of us bought into the trend quite happily. But the pleasure of owning one didn’t always transform into wearing it too. Both leggings and jeggings are a bit tricky to style which leaves us wondering what to wear with them. Moreover, the recent popularity of jeggings have made them a must have wardrobe staple which only adds to our confusion. Well, don’t bother. To your delight your confusion stops here. Browse through the following tips and tricks and dive into the leggings/jeggings trend NOW!

  1. Button down

Wonder if you can wear your classic button down outside of office? Well, yes, you can. Get your classic button down in slightly bigger size and pair it with leggings. Add an oversized blazer to it to complement the look. When pairing your button down with jeggings try to go for dark colours and contrast your shirts with your bottom. A white or pastel coloured shirt will look good with black leggings.

  1. Tunic

A tunic as it goes is a loose fitting garment slightly reaching the knees. If you are worried about putting unnecessary focus on your thighs and butt area, don’t bother! Just grab a tunic in exciting colour and print and wear it over your jeggings. This is the best way to embrace the leggings trend without going overboard.

  1. Dresses

You can also wear hot leggings with dresses. This look is great for transitioning weather as it will keep you warm, cosy and stylish. This look is also great for days when you haven’t shaved your legs as you can just hide them by slipping into cool & comfortable leggings while still enjoying the hot and sexy feel of your stylish dresses.

  1. Boots

Although choosing a pair of shoes is not that difficult when pairing it with jeggings as almost all types of footwear look good with them. Still, when teamed with ankle boots, motorcycle boots or knee high boots, it will instantly transform your look.

  1. Layers

If you are in love with hot leggings, then you must also learn to layer. Your pair of jeggings will ultimately become your go to piece once you know how to layer them right. Try wearing a patterned sweater or top over your button-ups and layer it with an oversized jacket or blazer. Experiment with different types of leggings such as lycra leggings, leather leggings, printed leggings etc. This look is great for fall.

  1. Oversized tees

A long T-shirt in vibrant prints and colours when paired with a stylish pair ofhot leggingsmakes for a fun and chic casual look. You can also try wearing solid coloured tees with dark coloured jeggings for a relaxed and cool vibe. White tees look best when paired with black leggings. However, you can also experiment with printed leggings.

Are you a male who needs fashion tips

You may have looked in a magazine, saw someone on the street, or watched a movie and thought that someone looked good in a suit, a shirt, a certain hairstyle. But do you know how to accomplish that for yourself? It’s not as hard as it seems, and you may already have some of the tools you need. First, let’s start with a haircut. If you’ve gone to one of those -Everything under the sun for $10- haircut places in the past, then it’s time to move on. Your hair is one of your most defining characteristics, and should not be taken lightly. Find a stylist that knows about hair, and can give you some options of different hairstyles (maybe even the one you saw in a magazine that you liked). Ask him about styling your hair, what you need to do to it in the morning, and how you can accomplish your look. Next down the body are glasses or sunglasses. Most women look at facial features first when deciding if they’re interested in a guy. Your glasses are the only real control you have over expressing yourself in this regard. Pick a pair of glasses that fit your eyes well, and give your face an overall symmetric feel.

Now on to your shirt. If you’re going out for a night on the town, your shirt, after your facial features, will be the next noticeable thing about you. Make sure it says something about you. For the professional and put-together look, go with a nice looking button-down shirt. For the wacky, college-aged want to have fun look, go with a stylish polo or layered t-shirts. Pick something that defines yourself and stick with it. Your pants should match the fashion of your shirt. Dark jeans are more professional, lighter jeans more playful and summer-y. Dress pants for the ultimate formal, and khakis for anywhere inbetween.  There’s not much to say about shoes and socks. White socks only with sneakers, otherwise the sock should match the shoes, and both should match your belt. As always, make sure your socks match each other!

Fashion Tips For Indian Men

If this involves designer put on for males, most males think it is intricate to trap the waves of latest styles and trends. You will find many males still dressing because they i did so within their college days or teenage. These males don’t apprehend that designer put on for late twenties aren’t just like that for teens. One needs to comprehend some key elements to stylish and engaging. Given right here helpful tips: Dress According To Age,  It is necessary that a guy should liven up based on his age. To have an instance, narrow bottom jeans looks great on the teenage guy or perhaps a twenty something guy, however the same jeans on the forty plus guy would look crazy, regardless of how maintained his is.Be Comfy Whether it is designer put on for males or ethnic put on for males, clothing must have a tendency to place you will comfortable. Comfortable clothes cause you to provide the impression to be a lot more confident and classy. Thus, it is usually more sensible choice to prevent blindly going after any brands. Rather, depend on famous brands for example IKnowStudio to produce your personal unique, comfortable dressing style.

Correct Fit Matters Most, Accurate fit matters a great deal. Your clothes ought to be neither too loose nor too tight. The right fit may be the one, which hides your defects, matches nicely on the human body. Perfect fit enables you to look wise. Right Colors, At youthful age, any color varying from pink to blue to red-colored to eco-friendly, looks great you. Youth it’s time of experiments, but because you age, you need to fashion track of only individuals colors that appear to be satisfying you. Put on colors for example browns, black and all sorts of pastel shades. Conserve a Wardrobe, Some styles and trends are crucial in almost any man’s wardrobe. These comprise lots of designer put on in addition to ethnic put on for males. Formal suits, whitened t shirts, black pants, jodhpuri pants, kurtas for males, couple of pairs of well fitting jeans, party t shirts and t-t shirts are must-haves of the perfect wardrobe. The simplest method to conserve a perfect wardrobe would be to visit one of the main fashion stores,, that has positively displayed each one of these necessities within their store at very economical prices. You’ll find greatest of the styles and trends in designer put on online at IKnowStudio.

Accessorize, Nowadays, many add-ons for males for example bracelets, watches, rings, cuff links and devices can be found, which could enliven your look, but don’t put on greater than 3 or 4 add-ons at any given time. Over adding accessories would not cause you to look wise or modish. So, they were a few recommendations that are quite significant. One further suggestions about men’s fashion – Regardless of anything you put on, you wouldn’t look striking unless of course you put on your smile and attitude.

Tips for Plus-Size Women

Many plus-size woman in that although like fashion, to refrain from experimenting with clothes. They also chose to turn a blind eye towards fashion. It is unfortunate. It is true that a large-sized clothing selection is much more limited. But that does not mean you necessarily give up and choose the clothes they wear. Just because your body is not as slim as a model, it does not mean there is not any clothes that look good on your body. As quoted from page, Saturday (02/28/2015), consider some tips that can help you who were plus-size in buying and trying on clothes!

1. Buy perobek stitches or scissors

Sometimes you find the clothes that you like, but one size smaller than your body. Do not be disappointed once! You can modify it at home. In every outfit, there are stitches in the side that will make clothes torn over vacant. For clothing that is too tight, you just rip the stitches. Can also with scissors, although it would be difficult mekakukannya

2. Do not berpatok in size

The size of which is indicated on women’s clothing often silly. L size in one brand may be the same size in another brand M. Therefore, you should take the size of your body such as the chest circumference, waist and arm and use the size guide when shopping for clothes.

3. Always buy the right size

It sounds easy, but sometimes, you deliberately buy clothes of a smaller size for diet motivation
. However, what if your diet does not work, or even your body weight increase? Lose weight is not as easy as it was recommended by magazines or advertising slimming products. Rather than forcing yourself fit in clothes too small, and even so shortness of breath, better to buy clothes that fit in body size.

4. Find out your body proportions

Take a look at the mirror and stand upright with the body relaxed. See your body from the side and front. Which part of your body bigger and smaller? Such as what proportion of the chest, waist, hips, arms and thighs? Following points 2, estimating the size of the clothes should also not be based on the size as waist size alone or hip size only. Although almost all the clothes in the store has the same proportions, the human body is not the case. Well, by reading these tips, hopefully you are not anti-fashion again. Most importantly, wear comfortable clothes that you wear. Additionally, you should not always listen to the other person. Around us, often heard whispering against those plus-size stature who dare to experiment with clothes. And if we think about it, why what others wear can harm us?

Rihanna Almost Not Recognized with Blonde Hair in Fashion Photo Gallery

Rihanna_-_LoudRihanna has been trying to force anything. Ranging from grunge fashion, sporty, ball gown on the red carpet and also various models and hair color. But for her latest fashion magazine photo shoot, star 27 years was performed with a dramatic new appearance, the blonde. Rihanna doing a sexy photo shoot with the magazine V. She look different with blond wig and colorful makeup to showcase fashion inspiration ’60s style. Being sexy is one of the pop star’s expertise. He came to show it by posing topless on the cover of the magazine V. The pictures this time was taken by renowned fashion photographer, Steven Klein; mentioned in the magazine, the theme of this month’s issue of the shooting originated from the creative brain Rihanna herself. In another photo, singer ‘FourFiveSeconds’ alongside Kanye West and Paul McCartney appeared with bikini one piece from Versace with matching feathers. Also equipped with a perspex heels Manolo Blahnik designs. (more…)

This Beauty products made from cow urine and manure mixture

The Visha Hindu Parishad (VHP), which is an organization of Indian origin has recently made a new breakthrough in the world of beauty. The organization recently launched a beauty product made from a mixture of cow dung. Reporting from Oddity Central on Tuesday (12.16.2014) by the VHP, prodak this beauty will benefit many parties, especially consumers and cattle farmers. “Beauty products can benefit many parties that cattle farmers and consumers. For cattle farmers, they can sell the animal very easily. Meanwhile, unwittingly cow dung can eliminate acne growing on your face. In addition, dung and cow urine very good for the health and beauty of your face “said the leader of the VHP.

In addition to cow dung and urine, beauty products also contain other ingredients. Among them such as almond oil, aloe vera and moisturizing cream. Although made of cow dung and urine, but these beauty products have unpleasant smell and does not make you feel nauseous. Currently, the VHP plans to develop their business and want to expand that beauty products can be used by all people from all parts of the world. Because many do not know if dung and cow urine will give a positive impact to the health and beauty of your skin. How, interested in trying?

Stone recognize Bacan Magic of North Maluku

Bacan stone is now becoming one of the favorite types of precious stone collectors. In fact, this precious stone has been known to the outside negari. However, not many know that the rock fame Bacan has actually happened since the 16th century. Quoted from the official website of Indonesian tourism, Indonesia Traveling on Wednesday (12/10/2014), the stone was originally produced on the island of Bacan Kasiruta. However, this stone is known as rock Bacan because Bacanlah Island stone trading place. Bacan stone mining is not easy. Therefore, the need to dig up the ground more than 10 meters to get it. Although synonymous with the color green, stone Bacan also have other colors such as yellow, red, white and brown. Bacan rock characteristics quite interesting. This stone is also known as “living stones” because of the many stone fibers will slowly make it more clean or clear and crystallized in a long time.

For example, stone black Bacan will gradually turn green, and will also be undergoing a process of “cleansing” another so that it becomes like a clear green water. The owners of this stone will usually continue to use this stone because it can accelerate the process of “cleaning”. Not only that, Bacan stone was able to absorb another compound nearby. For example, Bacan stone attached with straps made of gold, then the long run gold material will be absorbed by the rock Bacan so that the inside of the stone will flecks of gold. With the best, stone Bacan very loved by many people. In Indonesia, a stone Bacan became famous again since 2005 and the current price is fairly expensive, which is about hundreds of millions of dollars.